ViuLite by Unicel Architectural offers premium quality sealed glass with blinds. These blinds are controlled by a variety of mechanisms including: knobs, cords and motors. Blinds can both tilt and raise or be provided as tilt only and are permanently sealed in the glass in a maintenance free environment. ViuLite utilizes Pellini ScreenLine technology and will fit in most standard glazing pockets.

ViuLite ensures total protection against dirt, germs and weather conditions. ViuLite Venetian blinds are produced with aluminum slats featuring a choice of colors and slat widths of 1/2” (12.5mm) and 5/8”(16mm). The versatility of both product choice and control mechanisms makes ViuLite suitable for all types of framing systems.

ViuLite is a system of blinds that are permanently sealed within a double-glazed cavity for a completely dust-free and maintenance-free environment. ViuLite provides protection from solar radiation and can quickly regulate the internal environmental lighting levels.

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